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I’ll start off with a disclaimer.  Technically, I can call myself a scientist, but my degree is in wildlife biology.  I am writing this blog purely from the view of a concerned consumer.   Follow my lead at your own risk.  Also, I do realise that I will often be oversimplifying issues.   My first aim is to reach people who might not read about these subjects otherwise.  I try to provide helpful additional references, but there is a wealth of information out there you are free to find and examine yourself.  If you have an opposing view I welcome discussion in the comments.

My name is Jillian, I’m 28, and I call myself an avian field biologist.  Approximately half the year I live out of a suitcase, doing short-term contract field work in various places across North America.  I get paid to travel and watch birds!  My winter home is currently on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

I also enjoy photography, cooking, baking, knitting, painting, and snuggling with my kitten.  To see my nature photography please visit Sparrow Images.

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  1. January 27, 2013 3:57 pm

    Where did you go? Posting about these important topics anywhere else?

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